Designer's Mind for Wix's "Playoff"

Wix partnered up with Dribbble and threw a "playoff" game. It's kind of a contest. I decided to participate and have fun with it. 

This was the prompt:
What does your mind look like? As a designer, express what’s going on inside your mind using any medium or technique you want.

This is what I wrote:
My designer's mind is aligned with my personal mind of everyday life. It involves a lot and here are a few to list: Exploring the new, open to the unknown, seeking moments of pleasant surprises, sometimes serious and technical, sometimes wild! Many times flexible and catering. Questioning, organizing, asking, learning, thinking, solving, but mostly importantly having fun. After all, designing is all a creative process of solving problems. I believe that enjoying my design process not only makes for a good working environment but also shows through the end product. Cheers! <3