IBIZIBI Israel Indie festival

Helped out on animating some promos for a Indie music festival in Mitzepe Ramon, Israel. Collaboration between artists...live footage, illustration, music and 2d animation. I love collaborating and combining creative forces with fellow artists...! I was in charge of the 2d animation and was given creative freedom. Our idea was to create a fun, non-sensical, psychedelic world...I have been obsessed with glitch style...Finally I had a chance to apply it. WOO! Here are some excerpts. No 3rd party plugs used, just some fractal noise and displacement for the glitching, particular for the farting stars...


Animated hands for Salesforce

Sometime last year I joined forces with a studio in Santa Monica to work on a video for Salesforce. I was in charge of all the 2d animations. One of my favorite was to animate these hands in AE ^___^ They are all mostly keyframe animations using strokes and shapes.