Google logo "rebound"

I like the smoothness of the Google animations so I played around using my Korean name. It was fun to get into the details of each frame one by one to create smooth and natural movements. Animating can be fun and addicting. This project can use more time but I couldn't wait to share it with you guys! :-) 

This all aftereffects keyframing with shapes and masks and a lot of graph editor adjusting. 


Weather and time info for travel planning

I travel a lot to different countries and often times need to look up the weather to know what to pack. This is a concept combining weather and time information as part of my reminder!




Testing logo animation for a finance services startup 


Photoshop painting

Opps, It's been awhile. I got distracted with some new graphics project and a lot of experimenting with baking healthy vegan cookies during my free time lately...Yesterday, I played around with this new PS brush I got though. This took approximately 35-45minutes. This is all in Photoshop using Kyle T. Webster's dry brush. It's all free with Adobe CC account! Nice to get back into my painting roots ^__^ I am obsessed with this sunshine yellow color lately. Maybe it's because of my longing for longer daylight...


 texture detail

texture detail

After Effects expression syntax error

Surrounded by developers in this high-tech country that is Israel, I became more curious about coding language of After Effects. Trying to understand the basics of expression on After Effects today...............and I get this message "...SYNTAX ERROR..." Took a bit of fussing around to make this work. Expressions are so useful...need to get more into it and tap into another world of AE possibilities! Anyhow, I applied an expression on the scale of the shape layers which reacts to the animated background alpha information. Love how simple/quick it is to animate many shapes uniformly with two short lines of code. Happy honeycomb syntax error. Woo!


This is how the expression look like:
sourceLayer = thisComp.layer("Transition Control 2"); sampleSize = [1,1]; samplePoint = transform.position; colour= sourceLayer.sampleImage(samplePoint,sampleSize); x=colour[0]*100; [x,x]

Copy past and apply to everythang!

IBIZIBI Israel Indie festival

Helped out on animating some promos for a Indie music festival in Mitzepe Ramon, Israel. Collaboration between footage, illustration, music and 2d animation. I love collaborating and combining creative forces with fellow artists...! I was in charge of the 2d animation and was given creative freedom. Our idea was to create a fun, non-sensical, psychedelic world...I have been obsessed with glitch style...Finally I had a chance to apply it. WOO! Here are some excerpts. No 3rd party plugs used, just some fractal noise and displacement for the glitching, particular for the farting stars...


Animated hands for Salesforce

Sometime last year I joined forces with a studio in Santa Monica to work on a video for Salesforce. I was in charge of all the 2d animations. One of my favorite was to animate these hands in AE ^___^ They are all mostly keyframe animations using strokes and shapes.